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Jan 06, 2020
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Hey ZLibrarians!

ZLibrary Team wishes you Happy Holidays! We hope you read all the books you plan this year and our Team will do our best to give access to these books! We are very grateful to all of you for the support (donations, feedbacks, books) that you have provided during the last year. That year would not have been the most productive of our project without your help. In just a year, the following updates were implemented: recommender system, book conversion, ZAlerts, saving favourite books, terms, new book uploader, full-text search and etc. Thank you!

So, we are happy to share exciting news about some useful updates. Perhaps you noticed a new field Publisher appeared on the page with the search results. Now you can search for books not only by title / author / ISBN, but also by publisher. Did not know that? You can try it now.

The next update will make it easier for you to search for books in other formats. Just click on the small arrow near the Download button and you will find other available formats of this book in the drop-down list.

And the latest update on our list for today: we have expanded the multilingual search for books! The following languages are available for search query now: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali (Bangla), Czech, Devanagari (Hindi), German, Georgian, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hungarian, Malayalam, Norwegian, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Polish, Slovak, Vietnamese.

UPD: According to your requests we have added Malayalam to the language filter.

P.S. we remember that our last update about searching in Chinese has caused a stir among Chinese users. Thank you for worrying about our library but as we said before: “We are not going to remove search in Chinese as well as Chinese books on a specific topic. We monitor the situation and if something happens we will take action!”

Thanks for attention! :)

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